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Posting a compilation of important links I’ve recently come across.

The Good Men Project-The Conversation No one Else is Having Also, if you listen to talk radio, my favorite intellectual is Dennis Prager. He has 3 different hours in his weekly show specifically dedicated to other topics besides politics and world events. One of them is the Male-Female hour. It’s a very open, honest, and raw discussion of male psychology, relationship dynamics, and general questions females may have in this regard. I’ve listened for years, and people call in all the time saying how their marriage has been saved from it. You can subscribe to his podcast. It’s hour 2 on Wednesdays.

The Benjamin Franklin Effect: The Surprising Psychology on How to Handle Your Haters


“Franklin set out to turn his hater into a fan, but he wanted to do it without “paying any servile respect to him.” Franklin’s reputation as a book collector and library founder gave him a standing as a man of discerning literary tastes, so Franklin sent a letter to the hater asking if he could borrow a specific selection from his library, one that was a “very scarce and curious book.” The rival, flattered, sent it right away. Franklin sent it back a week later with a thank-you note. Mission accomplished. The next time the legislature met, the man approached Franklin and spoke to him in person for the first time. Franklin said the man “ever after manifested a readiness to serve me on all occasions, so that we became great friends, and our friendship continued to his death.”

Everyday is more and more evidence that the sci-fi future is now. No, we don’t have our flying cars yet; but we have a lot more at our fingertips and to worry about. I don’t really pay much attention to Glenn Beck, mainly by default of little time, not because I disagree with him on much. But, he recently did a sit down chat with Google execs that didn’t get as ‘morally philosophically deep’ as he would have liked. I listened to a 5 minute clip and can agree there. But when a secular, non-politically driven blog begins chiming in, it’s hard not to take it a bit more seriously. Rise of the Machines: Google Robots, Artificial Intelligence…how they may inevitably seek to destroy humanity. Not in our lifetimes, dear readers, but still.

Back to what is simple and useful and in no way dangerous: there is a new app for writing like Hemingway. I believe you copy/paste your prose (whether book script or simple email) and it helps you improve. Love it. HemingwayApp.com I also randomly came across the fact that he was a hoarder. I’m sure he would’ve hated reality tv, though!

Speaking of books, this Lumio Book Lamp. I need this!


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