Words on Paper Can Lead to Papercuts

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Actually, I wanted to title this “Sometimes You Let Shit Slide”
Got to thinking this a couple weeks ago after the People of Walmart started saturating the web. Yeah, its sad. It’s sad the way people advertise their own disregard. Its sad how one person doesnt respect themselves enough to think as a sole individual, they can have impact. We think one person doesnt make a difference until they look, act or behave stupidly. Our electronic-verse makes everything viral, and this is in direct proportion to our reactionary behavior.
We have lost the simple act of thinking before we speak, thinking before we judge.
We are past school-yard antics of ‘sticks and stones may break my bones…’ Since everything said or done by anyone, all of us, is now stored, documented, saved and shelved for later use; the ridicule and response become the real pain.

The reason i find this shameful has less to do with the absurd lifestyles on display, but more to do with how much perspective seems lost. An example, I live in an industrial city with lots of consistent construction and road work going on. I absolutely hate to be walking and hear the cat-calls and whistles coming from some immigrant labourers; I find it rude and vulgar. But sure enough, Im walking some random street in Florence, Italy and the same occurs but from a ‘hot Italian guy’ and I dont seem to mind? Seems two-faced.
I see these images of ridiculous people in theatrical attire and I want to mock them immediately. Yet, if I see a man in London wearing a proper suit but with red socks, i think ‘oh, he is British’ or walking avenues in France and see a man in bootie-shorts and Doc Martens, ‘oh, its his French-style’ or all the neon mohawks in Asia. Here too, pretty much anybody dressed in anything walking the streets of New York: everyone there is the character they have assumed for themselves dependent on which part of the city they live and where they work. But throw all this into a Wal-Mart…
So really, because these particular people happen to be in a Wal-Mart (I understand why every other country on the globe might loathe America, but damn we have the freedom to behave like morons!) why dont we get some perspective on the situation!?!
I am going to let the guy with yellow go-go boots slide, because thats the least important thing about him. I would rather know he isnt a drug dealer, a pedophile or rapist or a number of other more important problems that could effect society. Seriously. Let things go; we shouldnt be so quick to judge!
Sticks might break a bone, but that is a more tangible wound that can heal. Words are becoming more powerful now with the virility of news, radio, cultural websites and social media/networking venues, youtube videos, camera pics, etc…the list really does go on.
It is so obvious what one ‘negative’ thing can do, become and impact. One flake becomes a snowball quickly.
We should really take the high-road and disengage from perpetuating what has no purpose at all. Let it go. We should give our own selves more credit, especially. If one thing does make such a big difference, if one behavior can have such a big influence, we should be striving to do and be our best selves. Period.

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BrockaWords on Paper Can Lead to Papercuts

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