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This list of the 25 top books every kid should know (or own, or read) brought back great memories. Which is your favorite?


I haven’t posted a literary update in almost 2 months. Granted, one of these books took about a month itself. Hillary Mantel is a British author whom writes narratives based on fact, framed inside pivotal historical moments. A Place of Greater Safety is set during the French Revolution. It is long, slow, and completely worth it. All the great characters like Robespierre, Marquis de Lafayette, and Marie Antoinette are here.


I follow Rolf Potts on twitter. He is one of the most prolific travel writers and has been in Conde’ Nast publications, sponsored by National Geographic, seen the world, teaches travel writing workshops all over the world too! This book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There is a collection of short stories; and his other Vagabonding book are both so awesome, insightful, inspiring, and frightening. He steps out of usual tourist frames. Read his stuff, especially if you don’t have the cash but still have the travel bug.

The next 2: just a great 1970’s crime drama and a murder mystery set in 1700’s England narrated by the scientist/coroner who performs the autopsy on the poisoned heir to a throne.

I’ve read just about every James Hamilton Patterson. He is not for everyone. A person filled with so much quirky useless facts, they all find their way into the characters personalities and themes. I learn so much from reading his work. Rancid Pansies is an anagram for Princess Diana. His home on the a cliff in Tuscany descends into the hillside with prior warning from an apparition of her, thus the town becomes a pilgrimage destination. This is the 3rd in the series, so the numerous subplots have been developed by this point.

The next 2: I follow Daniel Pink on twitter as well. Great marketer/business guy. I hated the ‘selling’ aspect of my dessert business and this book To Sell is Human really articulates down to daily minutiae how we are sellers, promoters, marketers, persuaders, etc…in our everyday lives. I heard Jonathan Last on the Michael Medved show and became curious about this one. Yes, all the facts are there regarding dwindling populations and how this effects all the economies in the world; secularism, socialism,  and liberalism playing a huge part in mortality rates. But, politics aside and considering my misanthropy, I can’t say I personally feel one way or the other about less people on the planet. Lot’s of great stats in the book regardless.

2 other books I read are loaned out. Also, I only read in the evening and/or right before I fall asleep. I can’t stand reading books during the day! It feels so unproductive and wasteful; in the evening it feels so relaxing and engaging.

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