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Absent from sharing on this blog, once again. Pardon. Super engrossed in my own creative process regardless of all the things I come across worth sharing here. I’m viewing things through a filter. Gathering ideas for my own use. Currently story-boarding my music videos, so the last two weeks have been heavy daydreaming, visualizing, brainstorming, and napping. Yes, napping. That in between conscious and sleep is the closest thing to meditation, where my songs find lines to complete themselves, where pictures help me illustrate how I want the video to look, and where I find superficial rest since I just haven’t slept well in a month!!

Speaking of heavy, death has been on my mind. A lot. An amount than worries me as to whether it’s healthy or not. I believe it’s an evolutionary thing, my own, my contentedness with it. Every day is more news of death and usually it is background noise. Lately, it is screaming for it’s own attention. I had a frightening health scare a few weeks ago, a family member passing last week, friend’s friends dying, political figures, book publishers, popular critics, young diplomats before their time, and more and more innocent bystanders to just existing. It is loud and more consistent and heavy.

My 5 yr twitter anniversary came and went. I didn’t even mention it; that’s how much interest I’ve lost. I have gone through 3 entirely different evolutions. When I first got on, i was heavily engrossed in my dessert business and promoting it, sharing recipes and networking. Now, I don’t follow any of the mommy bloggers or dessert blogs or foodies which I once did. It is mainly politics now, the bloggers, the news links, the institutes and think tanks and discussions and arguments which go along with it. I’m so tired of it all. As my music develops further and it becomes my full-time existence, that’s where i’ll be.

Changes. As it is.

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