What Will You Create?

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Last night was the first Icarus Session, instigated by Seth Godin. Via his blog, he launched the idea for like-minded people to form groups in their cities through Meetup.com and come together for the sake of creativity. I attended the Dallas mini gathering. If you are unfamiliar with him, he is a brilliant mind of entrepreneurship. He was the originator of spreading ideas through PDF files; even Guy Kawasaki is a disciple of sorts. Wiki or Google or whatever you want. If you are more than a corporate robot with any inclination towards creative expression and a desire to share it with the world, you should follow his blog His ideas and books and lectures have become so prolific over the years, it’s not a far stretch to say he’s a top genius of the whole internet.

In June of 2012 he launched a new project called The Icarus Deception, Why Make Art?

There were a couple in the group whom openly admitted to being corporate stiffs and just wanted to be around creative people; because they know innately they want something outside of their ‘job’ that’s expressive, creative, fulfilling, etc.. Even those not artistically inclined, know some brilliant ideas come out of random settings, relaxed minds, brainstorming discussion, or just walking the dog. The main aspect of these meetings are about accelerating this process, overcoming the fact that creation can be a little scary, accepting the anxiety that’s guaranteed with any start-up or creative expression. In the very least, you’ve met people that want to give more to the world than just ‘work’ or ‘parent’. Conversations always bring up little ditties that will prove beneficial. Of course I walked away with another book to read and awesome-people blogs to follow.

For creativity, we never know where our great ideas will come from. Be open and receptive. For the perfectionist in us, aside from math or physics, it doesn’t really exist; and it’s always subjective. You must let ‘it’ (the creation) exist regardless.

This will take 3.45 minutes of your life. Watch it.

For a super inspiring time, watch this interview on books, business, and life, via The Good Life Project. 37 minutes, worth it. A number of his ideas and lectures are on youtube of course. Awesome!!

BrockaWhat Will You Create?

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