What Do You Anticipate?

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The new year is an excuse to Hope, and hope is pretty much everything. All resolutions are an example of ‘better’ or ‘different’ or ‘more’. It’s what keeps our wheels spinning. Some people confuse faith and hope or use them interchangeably , but that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is about how so much of hope is one thing: anticipation. We could not keep moving forward in our lives without it.

We anticipate big results from hard work. The buying of new clothes when we lose weight or simply the deliciousness of a meal after assembling all the little parts to make it. Every day, the big and the small is about anticipation. We anticipate seeing the person we adore. Anticipation is the only way a long distance relationship works, because there is always the next meeting to look forward to. 

When one is in the extreme of anticipation, they are in addictive behavior, the fill of the food or the fix of the drug, all tied back to the ‘hoping’ for a certain result. And the opposite of hope is the person who commits suicide. They have officially decided there is nothing to anticipate, live or long for; there is no more hope.

Being able to thoroughly understand our emotions and what drives us, will both insure the success in achieving goals and staying motivated. If we keep reminding ourselves of what we anticipate, we are almost forced to consider what specific behavior we have to maintain in order to get it. Always hope for the best! 


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BrockaWhat Do You Anticipate?

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