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It was cold and cloudy mostly. I am not much into taking pictures or congregating with tourist anywhere, anytime. But here are a few. I’ve done various parts of the Smithsonian so I opted to just visit where I could find a parking place. Thus, the African Art museum. The theme was woman and the gift shop happened to find me with my favorite purchases.

The majority of the items within The National Archives are stored underground in fireproof vaults. The most important American documents are on display: Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights. No pictures allowed. The biggest part of the tour is a very interactive timeline of history covering the basics: immigration, racism, woman’s rights

The Library of Congress is where everything you can possibly imagine is. Overwhelming. Again, most is stored underground or in offsite facilities. On display is the Gutenberg Bible and the Bible of Mainz. Very exciting bit of history involving the construction of these 2, a mere 2 years apart from each other and separated by 20 miles. Coincidences in history always thrill me.

There are upwards of 1,500 bits of footage or documentation submitted for archival per day. Also on display was the actual Library of Thomas Jefferson. The actual Library of Congress requires a researchers pass.

My absolute favorite visit was to The Supreme Court: hearing about the history, the process, how the actual courtroom is set up, how cases are actually heard….all of it! It was a heavy somber feeling seeing Justice Antonin Scalia’s chair draped in black, since his death last week. There is no procedure or timeline for how long it stays. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the actual courtroom.

I do love the narrow home architecture. I do not care for the zoning and the slovenliness of most neighborhoods. I could not live here. The history, the weight of decision making, and the ineptitude of paper pushing are all tangible and palpable energies.

I stayed in a cozy AirBnB, went out to dinner one night with a friend, shopped in Dupont Circle, had a cocktail or two…:) but mostly I got in a lot of thinking about my music and my freelance work and where both are going or not going at all. There are some larger life changes upcoming and this turned into a solid time for reflection-recalibration I needed.




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