Wandering Wondering Weekend

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(this will be a consistent theme on my new site coming in February!!)

Time permitting over your weekend, get lost in the internet. These are highlights I came across over the past week.

I did not know this existed. The most F’d up thing ever: human leather. It’s legal. And a UK company which specializes in products made from such. The fact they’re sold out after December orders is super icky. Oh my jeezus!

Whether a blogger or running a big corporate biz, this podcast is worth your time. (28 minutes) Engage Your Audience, and keep them so…

Tales From the Night. Great stories via 10 New Yorkers whom recall their most memorable ‘from dusk to dawn’ experiences, while others were sleeping.

And, why not admire instead of mock? Here’s a fun daydreaming site

And a narrative to go along with this opulent site, reminding you money doesn’t mean class. ‘One of those holy shit!’ stories. You can listen (8 min) to it here


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BrockaWandering Wondering Weekend

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