Vienna, Austria part 1

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Coming from Italy, ‘cleanliness’ is the first impression. Most associate the city with music, the greats having come from here: Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.. It is also the birthplace of Sigmund Freud. It was settled by the Celts, then fortified by the Romans, and has essentially been dynastic and opulent ever since. The home of the Hapsburgs, and the Hapsburg jewels. There are many great palaces, theatre halls, houses of parliament..all separated by fountains and parks and breath-taking views. Currently, it is the home of OPEC headquarters, the IAEA, and many United Nations branches. It is spy ground zero and the place they get their supplies, no doubt. I loved it; not as much as Berlin, but pretty close. 

hotel bar. there were bentleys and maseratis out front. i felt i was in the right place; and swear there were secret service too

Vienna is home to the famous pork Schnitzel and im eating salad 🙁

hotel view

one of the Hapsburg palaces

to the left of the palaces. one of the largest greenhouses in Europe. at the end is a butterfly sanctuary

in the main square, love the modern hotel across from St. Stephen’s Cathedral

the bar inside the hotel looking at the cathedral. it got packed and smokey, ack!

dark and crowded

gorgeous reflection in the cathedral


chandeliers were the theme in every.single. shop or store or bakery or gallery. everywhere!

carriages all over

cafes tucked inside residential neighborhoods; sitting for a Viennese coffee is ‘the’ daily requisite

coffee AND dessert, the famous Sachertorte is from here. a chocolate cake, thin layer of apricot jam filling,& chocolate ganache topping

supposedly he would like to end nuclear power :/

purest bred stallion in the world, famous Spanish Riding School. Named after the bread for Lipizzan Majestic Horses. 4 centuries old tradition

old Roman road

a few Jewish memorials around, not nearly as many as in Berlin

many many lush and glorious parks

BrockaVienna, Austria part 1

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