Venice by Default

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general view

metro/subway system

boat ride to different sections

very narrow

oldest bar in Venice

the bar faces into San Marco square

walking into the square behind some Italian men

infamous clock

Hey! a bookstore-ish

probably the most famous brand name in these parts

well, we’re in Venice, let’s have a little romance

No. Did I come on too strong?

he was surly, but i’m no sucker.

my fav of all the mask i saw

oh Yes, it was my birthday. And you know #gin

EVERY kid in Europe has one of these. Watch out!


you cant hear the club music, but it was there. Italian dance disco to be precise

The few people I was traveling with had never been to Venice, so it’s a curiosity must when you’re so close. It is by no means a romantic destination, let me set the record straight. The first time I went, I stayed at a convent on the cheap. Because you’re on water, you can’t really get lost. Just roam around. Inside the square, it can seem claustrophobic and compact. It’s made up of many tiny narrow passageways and bridges over water leading to other sections. The whole labyrinth is just cramped store fronts, nooks into cubicle sized specialty shops, restaurants, and bars. The rising water issue keeps everything looking dilapidated. And oh hey, if you want to spend $180/hr to ride in a gondola perched on murky muddy water, go ahead and use your money as you see fit. Not romantic in my eyes! Two other things notable about Venice: glass blowing and masquerade mask. There are so many shops selling elaborate costume mask, you gotta wonder how any make money. Aside, one of my all-time fav movies (and the only ‘chick-flick’ I’d consider to be in my list) is called Dangerous Beauty. Set there in the late 17th century. It’s essentially about an intellectual courtesan. Let’s not over-analyze that either. Very emotional plot and intelligent eloquent prose. I won’t confess how many times I’ve seen it. 😉


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