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The daily diet particulars may vary any given week, month, or year; but this is not about food. Finally the day has dawned, and I’ve added a distinguishable link for Books to my blog menu. This post is noticeably short, because I want you to go there.

and my angels around me in unison sing, ‘Hallelujah!’

The bookshelves of individuals is great insight into personality, am I right? I left out some categories. You’ll especially notice if it’s a particular genre which occupies a lot of your reading. I hint at others. Books are personal. They take up residence in both our minds and our homes, or in data on our tools. They need readers to even exist.

A book can not really exist only in the creator’s mind. It needs to be transcribed in order to grow, into adulthood, into publishing.

Words are very powerful tools, as most politics and the discourse of it shows. Use your words wisely. And choose your words wisely.

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Now, what’s for dinner…

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