Uncomfortable Onus

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There’s a lot of it going around. -where we feel duty bound or responsible, the weight of it feels heavy. I’ve come to understand much of it is self-imposed. It sounds harsh to know no one owes you a damn thing until the reciprocal is also understood you don’t owe anyone a thing either.

Very few people need explanations, very few family members need excuses, very few friends need a reason… We are there because we want to be, here for each other. We want to do things and give because we want to, not because it is asked or expected. Of course there are obligations, but a lot of these we’ve chosen for ourselves too. Assigned ourselves the tasks.

I have always laid down the line at expectation -to the detriment of some relationships.

Where I reflect on my personal life, I see the same behavior played out in politics. With these duties and responsibilities, there’s a significant number of moral high grounds taken.

The Big Takeaways from Comey’s Interview A whole other article would be necessary to lay out the connections the interviewer, George Stephanopoulos has with the Clintons.

I personally took a screenshot of this on twitter:

 Talk about burying the lead. He admits in this interview it was a fake dossier from the jump. He admits he knew Hillary paid for it. He admits keeping that from Trump. Then tries to make Trump look bad for protesting the fake charges against him. What a first-rate jackass. -Chris Stigall

I’m on social media so little these days. All the better.

switching gears

Before I was into podcasts, I was a big fan of talk radio. I’m not embarrassed to confess, once upon a time, I used to listen to Art Bell. In my late teens, and then in my early twenties, I could be found dialed into the AM station after midnight for the remarkable and outrageous callers into his program. I find it perfectly fitting he died on Friday the 13th. Art Bell, mysterious narrator of Coast to Coast (and freak show gatherer)

Talk to Books Of course I jumped on this article.

The first of the two publicly available experiments released today is called Talk to Books, and it quite literally lets you converse with a machine learning-trained algorithm that surfaces answers to questions with relevant passages from human-written text. As described by Kurzweil and Bernstein, Talk to Books lets you “make a statement or ask a question, and the tool finds sentences in books that respond, with no dependence on keyword matching.” The duo add that, “In a sense you are talking to the books, getting responses which can help you determine if you’re interested in reading them or not.”

His 15 minutes of fame is still burning bright. Again, all the better. Jordan Peterson, The Canadian Psychologist Beating American Pundits at Their Own Game.

And lastly, in the guise of a healthy responsibility: I am finally back in the gym daily, after almost TWO YEARS AWAY! Talk about a break. Muscle memory like I was never away.


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