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I’m going to skip out on Fat Tuesday celebrations of Mardi Gras and coincidentally begin this short segment Two Questions Tuesdays. Like my inconsistent yet persistent attempt at #SundayEveningPost I’m throwing myself a bone here. Coming up with two questions may be the easiest part.

We all have questions, from the simple to the profound. To keep this as sincere as possible, some may even be very dumb, because I’m going to genuinely share thoughts I have in my head. The questioning ones, and only 2. This is the introductory post. I will try my best to not answer these questions with bias or politics. I posit them only to collectively think.

1.Why are most forms of A.I. and more than most robots being assigned genders while society is simultaneously trying to minimize and discredit biology and genders?

This was my first thought when I happened upon the headline Do Bots Really Need a Gender? My question was before I read the article, as the author does seem to describe a parallelism without really saying it. The truth is, we are hormones. Thoughts on this question:

  • it is impossible to legislate everything
  • facts don’t care about feelings

Within one hour of seeing the above article, I breezed past Siri & Sexual Harassment

2. If comedians have the power and capability of lightening the most heavy of themes: personal, political, racial, sexual, etc…Why are so many further segregating themselves by falling in line with Hollywood groupthink?

Someone like Sarah Silverman, a baby talking, pigtail wearing feminist is contradictory & confusing. Proving a lot of them just talk a lot of shit to get ratings or attention, not actually harness the power of the medium. I consider how well liked two extremely different people as Chris Rock or Jeff Foxworthy are

Getting a message across is easier when there is humor involved, we could all agree.

I had this question while listening to the most recent episode of Hidden Brain podcast, “I’m Not a Terrorist”

Always ask questions. #2QTuesday





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