Two Questions II

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Questions on the questions in question forums. How meta.

Why do people ask the simplest, seemingly dumbest questions on Quora?

I wondered this because you can’t be anonymous like you can on Reddit. At the sake of embarrassment though, you can get a direct answer from a professional. This saves time from having to weed through articles and answers on Google certainly.

Quora may not be as bountiful as Google, but it’s much more industry specific. A number of people I admire have accounts and consistently answer questions, i.e. Seth Godin, James Altucher… If you are a writer needing to build a fictional character’s credentials or background story, Quora connects you to the person with specific knowledge.

What Happened to the Wait But Why writer?

His last post was a few days after the presidential election. He wrote to both nurse and ameliorate. His usual modus operandi is investigative, extremely long form writing, so maybe he’s in the throes of  something…

Oh but wait, he does throw out a weekly round table discussion question for his almost half a million subscribers to mull over, the latest being: which drugs should be legal?

This picture was out of the New York Times Science section today. I couldn’t not include the cuteness. Two birds, two sets of two feet…they didn’t know they’d be sponsoring this Two Questions post, ha!

blue-footed boobies

blue-footed boobies/Minden pictures

BrockaTwo Questions II

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