Too Much of a Good Thing

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-A post on reflections over the last week.

There was an abundance of delicious food, strong drinks, delightful conversation and sexual appetite. Personal reflection and a little bit more growth lends to a productive conclusion regardless.

Beginning with Monday, I finally agreed to a dinner with a guy that has pursued me sporadically over the last year and Ive continually blown off. It was a pleasant surprise. One, we never know people until we take the time to get to know them. AND even in time, we never fully know people. So there! But I was propelled to discuss with him the BIG difference between finding someone attractive (physically) and BEING (over a period of time) attracted to them (their personality). One is more immediate and primal and the other is considerably more mature.
There are over 6 billion people on the planet. It’s impossible to pursue everyone that we are sexually attracted to, very important to be picky. Character and compatibility are key. The discussion is a roundabout way of describing why I find Hugh Hefner pathetic. He has essentially never grown out of boyish primitive sexual behavior to become a mature monogamous man, squelching the primal drive; brain verses mind.
Tuesday i had another Christmas dinner. I met a 4th grade school teacher. We hit it off immediately, partially due to the fact that I loved 4th grade. It was really one of my most favorites in elementary. Regardless, I picked her brain about her degree. It helped me narrow my own focus towards what I want to complete with my own. Truly, i would be a spectacular teacher…if I could stand kids. 😉 Heavy internal debate over the last weeks trying to nail-down the next 5-10 years, professional outlet. Necessary discussion.
Wednesday. Something about it had me debating extremes. Nothing new to my psyche. May disgust or surprise people, but if I were told I could never eat or taste chocolate again, I wouldnt care. Ive never cared about it. But if I were never able to eat broccoli again, I would cry and have an anxiety attack. It is my favorite vegetable. That is all.
Thursday. Im never more mad or angry or more frustrated or more pissed off or on the verge of a panic attack as when Im lost. Fucking know directions to where I need to go or dont tell me to be there! Fuck!
Also, someone please confirm or deny the rumor I heard about Obama being carved into Mount Rushmore. Or just shoot me. Thanks.
Friday, I made 90 tamales like a little Mexican woman standing in the kitchen. Smelled great, tasted great. As an alternative baker Im used to supplementing and tweaking recipes to make them suitable to allergy free or gluten free or vegan diets. BUT I will not compromise the integrity of the item. You cant have Yorkshire Pudding without drippings from roasted meat. You cant have cornbread without cornmeal, duh!
Saturday, Christmas shopping. I like being chaffeured. I like driving a sports car too. Aint life a bitch. Chinese hole-n-the-wall food still sucks. Daytime naps still rule.
Sunday: family, food, tolerance, mindfulness of screwed up people. Safety first! :/ And most importantly, the advice we give others is most often the words we need to hear for ourselves.
Thank you for vicariously participating.

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