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‘Oh Hi’ existing blog, sorely neglected because all the thoughts stay lodged in my brain, either over-thought or neglected after a whimsy of interest; verses each tended to, uncovered, investigated…as if *steps* are needed before I can actually just sit down and write it. So many whims and flutters of interest, intrigue, insight. To sit and disclose one thought means I must pontificate on the subject whole-heartedly, as if it needed googling and thorough research.

Do we come into any day-to-day conversations needing prior research? As if that is what our cell phones sitting on restaurant dining tables insinuates. And if only this were the case…Oh if people were so intelligent they would have less to say. Let us all nod silently.

Ironically, I have come to subscribe to more blogs than I ever have, especially those written by intelligent disciplined women. If you are a reader of this random inconsistent place, you know it was originally a place I high-lighted lots of artistic obscurities from art to design to technology. (check the categories section!) These creations, intelligence, and images still hold dear. I’m still ‘up with’ them as the internet parlance speaks, necessary in the world of non-stop abundance. How much are we really up on? Maybe this is why I feel the pressure to investigate any one thing beyond a mere interest; because, absolutely it is necessary! No matter how small the ‘tribe’ (Seth Godin term), there exist one. And we don’t need to stay up on much, as there is only so much our brains can take in. We only have so much discipline in any given day. We only have so many interest. Essentially we stay holed-up in our worlds. I would attest that anyone who travels non-stop, any self proclaimed nomad, still has daily habits they take wherever they are. We each inhabit cycles. Our bodies and each of ours organs run on cycles. We are living in a cycle.

As far as tech, artificial-intelligence, RobotEconomics goes, we are on repeat. I’m sorry to break it to you. This is not new. It is new to us, our brains, yes, and our lifestyles of convenience, yes.

Can you picture 1 billion dollars? No. It exist though. How much money could you spend every single day for the rest of your life before you even got close to 1 billion dollars? I bet you don’t even know this but you still know it exist. It still seems tangible even. The world has many billionaires. This is the most trivial example I can give where something exist, we all believe in it, know it, understand it intellectually, play with it (the handful whom can), yet it is still so beyond the general ‘us’…this is how I feel about science.

And when I sit in dinner conversation with someone I am close to, where intelligent debate takes hold quickly, where silence is golden but depth is our glue and our back-story (without the crutch and backbone of a cell phone with Safari) these are the thoughts we think out loud, these thoughts are what we want to argue over.  We explain it like so:

You can picture the Olympic rings, all the continents connected in a line. All wheels spinning, rolling into the next, perpetuating the next…this is our solar system, this is our universe. Even microcosmically in our now living and breathing days: all the numbers and symbols, colors and labels used, the commercial advertising, the display cases of products at the store in particular quotas (mostly in odd numbers, we hate breaking up a pair!), the holidays and rituals (based out of mythology and paganism), the parallels in world religions …these are not only examples of what was created before, but watered-down versions, fit to form, molded to this psyche, this time, this level of evolution.

We get so heated in these debates we sweat without scent. Pheromones aren’t necessary in the war of ideas, those are only for propagation. This is brain activity, not base, not primal. We yawn to regulate the temperatures in our bodies, trying to cool down the argument, still human.

I see it, I know it, I’ve lived it. A lot of us have. I sleep a lot. I need it. So tired.

(and this entire post is why I don’t go down some streams of thought)

But if only I rested my mind in this space more often. That’s what it really is, a hold. Things race quickly. The ego is the only thing that keeps me from sharing. Someone, anyone, hold me accountable. Say it is ok to express. Little ole’me.

This human still wants love and recognition. I haven’t really touted my music and its accomplishments or milestones in this space, but you might check out my song Time Loop on Spotify for free or download the whole cheap EP off iTunes.

Subscribe in either place, to the blog or my music site: if only to remind me to write in this blog more. (music kicking into high gear in December)  Pomodoro technique. I would appreciate it.

Cheers to the next!

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