Time Is on Your Side

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We made it. Passed the holidays, all our pieces are still in tact. The new year, the perception of a fresh start, as it actually just slides into another…

Time is speeding up. Have you noticed? No, it really is. But here’s the best part, the time between what you want and when you will get it is also shorter now, so there’s that. You must act on it, no waiting around.

And I have been spending time and waiting. Since Sunday, I believe my body has been physically glued to my bed with illness: no reading, no Netflix, no nothin! There have been moments of mental conception and new creation inside of this fatigue, and my own path has become a lot more clear. Revelatory honestly, I know how it is all going to fit together; these seemingly disparate things I’ve been tinkering with, they are all little puzzle pieces. And the days and the numbers and the people haven’t been coincidences by any means. I don’t even know what to be excited about, but I feel like I have to keep sewing a tiny thread, staying the course.

Staying the course is all we know how to do sometimes and we beat ourselves up over it, unfortunately. Because time is time is time is time, regardless of anxiety, so you may as well let go of that. You have to act, you can not stay the course. Time is now on our side. Stop being linear about it.

In other transient things, as my websites and blogging behavior does denote: updating the music site brockamusic.com New links -to updated shows -to merchandise: it’s all coming down the pipeline. And seeing as though my actual blogging on this site is so few and far between (not that my writing is: I have a private journal and 3-ring binders of music) well, I’m about to start sharing the lyrics, poems, drawings, shitty art I’m not qualified enough to call art, but hey everything is *art* now, right?! Dun dun dun…be warned. Well dammit, it’s time. And there is not enough time to gather a musician and actually produce every damn song I write, so the sharing of it shouldn’t require short-changing.

Figure it out, just what you wanna do -figure it out now.


BrockaTime Is on Your Side

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