Throwback Thursday

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If you are on twitter, you’re familiar with this hashtag theme. People post their old cute baby pics, horrible 70’s hair-dos, various hysterical episodes captured, and any variation of images from their past. 

Every few months I feel like I’m going through papers, files, and books to discard or re-organize. I came across these pics over the weekend. They are about 6 years ago at one of my best guy friend’s beach wedding in Florida. I have to say for the last 11 years, I’ve been a gym devotee and healthy eater. There have been variations of 10lbs but nothing drastic. I still have this bathing suit actually.

in this weeks New Yorker mag

What is significant is the body image maturity. My diet and my workout regime had me in a state of anxiety once upon a time. Seriously, a very horrible person to eat out with. But physique modeling was once my life, so there were sacrifices. Now, Im so comfortable, I actually didnt have a gym membership for 5 weeks till last week. This is the first time in 11 YEARS, I didnt have a gym membership!!! Right when i was leaving for Amsterdam in November my gym was closing down because the shopping center was being demolished. Coincidentally, I had received a free month trial for Equinox gym, the plushest of them all, from my car dealership. So, i went about trying to use it when i returned from Europe. The distance isn’t convenient (15 minutes actually, but rush hour traffic in the morning when i like to hit the gym, therefore a pain in my ass) When it had expired, I wanted to test myself almost and see how long i could go. Granted, I’m self-motivated and vain and an owner of free weights, so there were very few days of actual sloth-ish-ness (made up word 😉

I’m obviously caught off guard by this! wha…


evidence again that i smile

Now, hitting it hard again. About 5 weeks and 5lbs away from this. Always compare yourself to yourself. You know where you’ve been, and you know where you want to go. #shredded

BrockaThrowback Thursday

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