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…let it shine, let it shine.

Made it to the end of the week. I had insomnia every.single.night. this past week! I do not recommend it; it kinda makes you hate things, and people, and light. I woke this morning and promised myself if I made it through my entire to-do list, I would treat myself to a glass of champagne. I write this post from the other side of halfway through the second. Throw a girl a bone.
I am always honest.


There are a lot of things i dislike in my mind, but on the other side of having accomplished them, I’m excited. I try to remind myself of this when I start over-thinking. Like writing this blogpost, just sitting here doing it, casually enjoying it. I just got off of an enjoyable phone call, after of course, dreading speaking on the phone. I do hate the phone. I have been known to tell people I’m driving as to avoid texting. Shh…

Quiet. I love quiet. I love people who love being quiet around me. But now I find myself being over-joyed by someone with an exceptionally buoyant personality. His picture defines the exclamation point in the dictionary. This makes me feel more alive and excited. And I have always believed everything in life is about timing. And right now, I’m trying to be on stage in front of loads of people, so I need to be louder and o.k. with advertising myself and o.k. with crowds and staying up late and screaming-singing during the hours i’d otherwise be in bed. I am grateful for this complete switching of gears. It is pretty damn alive. I will be performing at a festival in Denton, Texas in March and I don’t go on stage till 10:30pm. This is a big deal for me. By the grace of G*d, I will have had a full night’s rest proceeding. My next show is Feb 8th Dallas

The point of this post is more about my desire to be more deliberate about posting. (yes, once again) Actually I’ve decided to go back to the original format I had when first actualizing this blog. It was an amalgamation of art-design-style-brilliance. You can easily pop over to the categories and see how many I like to cover.
I started feeling like I needed to have one point and give it some full-thinking through; yes there are those. I actually pat myself on the back when I spend the time there mentally. But I’m also so excited and so enticed by many things, and we are in the internet world of much MADNESS here-there-everywhere. I would rather vacillate between blogging on one particular topic and sharing my favorites of the week -for the sake of consistency- than being inconsistent frankly. Just like in the music world, it is ALL about consistency. I have ONE music video. That sucks. The second is out this weekend and I’m on it, will be posting more there, instagram, everywhere. Social media is the method and the means, the way we share our product and the poison. Bless it.

I can’t leave without sharing a few fun finds (gosh I love alliteration)

A little illustrated love story made entirely out of cardboard Me+Her

“Me + Her” Featurette from Island Creek Pictures, Inc on Vimeo.

Ok this is super awesome if you are on twitter. March is my 7 yr anniversary! This site will formulate a poem based on your tweets and you can choose from 3 different styles. Do this!

And this is just the sign of the times: marijuana legalization meets yuppie desires. Customizable to the nth. The Bay Area’s Latest Movement: Organic Marijuana

*swallows back last bit of champagne* Enjoy the weekend…

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