There Are No Rules

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So much world, so little time. So much adulting, so little playing.

It sounds cliché to say there are big changes coming. On a global level, in how we see this world and how we live in it, it seems as though it’s changing more quickly than can be digested. I am certain our personal lives are taking a bit of a shaking up, too. All for the better. There is no turning back.

It is a fact, success is predicated on the pursuit; the damned determination. This doggedness sees an objective through despite external circumstances.

Staying the course in a linear fashion has never been my strongest suit. Where some see my behavior as a fluttering about, I recognize myself as coming at the same interest from a different angle. Such as this blog: my desire to write post is outweighed by not sitting my ass down to do it, as I excuse myself to be busy with other things. Yet I simultaneously sit my ass down to edit and read through a shit-ton of poems/songs I want to upload in one fell swoop onto my music site. As the damn site has a link for poems. And there is only one; a lonely, sole one. Seeing as though I’m not stepping into a studio to record new music right now, this is of utmost importance to me.

flying free bird

One thing I’m certainly good at are extremes. I’ll just put it all out there. Silence to sound, calm to cacophony

My interest are varied, sure. Yet this handful of various interests has never wavered, so I wonder if this story I tell myself is true. Scattered. I have grown out of jumping from one investigation to another, and the personal ambitions have narrowed. This year, I didn’t get the sewing machine, but I still personalized some clothes and hand-made other things. I didn’t get the hydroponic grow kit for my kitchen, but I have cooked more meals from scratch in this past year than ever. In the almost 6 months at my job, I have only eaten out lunch ONE time. ONE time. First of all, how much money have I saved?!

I am a dreamer, but I’ve never had specific dreams. I just have general ambitions. Even the way my blog post are a meandering thought pattern perfectly mirrors how I behave in my living style. [minus job environment structure]

One of the reasons I haven’t been particularly despondent about the political environment and drastic turning of keys, is because i’ve never been locked into a certain set of ways. Other than diminishing evil, I’m not the hardliner sort. I definitely wasn’t raised to be locked into an outcome.

I like to speak matter of factly only because it’s the adult way to be, but my daily existence and private conversations are so much more fluid. I would wager to guess most of us are like this. We want calm over discord. I want you to be happy, but don’t impose your definition of it on me.

My general ambition for the New Year is to be less selfish. Being less selfish means being more giving of my time, sharing my experiences as insight, and using my words as help and healing or fun and ridiculousness for others. Writing writing writing.

Nope, there are no rules; and there is definitely no turning back.


BrockaThere Are No Rules

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