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Think long. Write short. –George Lois

In that sleepless, creatively tuned in and turned on mode. My mind wont stop. The vision I’ve had since I was 8 years old is finally getting the attention, ALL my attention it deserves. My first thought is ‘why have I waited?’. My minimal wisdom reminds me NOW is the time and it couldn’t have come sooner. Timing is everything. I would not be able to articulate the things I’m expressing had I attempted sooner. Granted, a number (at least 15 out of 40) songs I have were written many many years ago, but needed the ‘me in this moment’ editing.

Plus, there’s the other website brainchild; a whole other story. But essentially, it will be my project to work on remotely while i’m on the road touring with my music. And it will involve other brilliant creative people, so excited.

If you are into music, sound systems, the production of music, or just want THE BEST listening experience, these are your headphones. You’re welcome.

If you are a prolific reader like myself, have so much ground to cover, and want to get out from under the stack, this is the most awesome app for reading faster and remembering more. Just wow.

The joy of the creative process, minute by minute, hour after hour, day by day, is the sublime path to true happiness. –George Lois


**if you read from the homepage, the links aren’t illuminated separately from the text; please go to the Musings link.


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