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A number of the more popular podcast interviewers I listen to do a little answer session of submitted questions occasionally. A few others just read and answer daily mail during the week. I’ve decided to just throw things out there for this one. Much stirring currently.

  • I sang all day today. Hallelujah to that!
  • I visited with a friend I haven’t seen in 3 months. He’s been in Los Angeles gutting-restoring-furnishing a place he bought. His Dallas home is behind a church, and after years of negotiation, the church bought the block, so they could expand. We’ve known each other 10 years and this feels like one of those life shifts

But oh how life is very cyclical, how small the world is. No matter where we go, there is a connection, a familiarity always springs up.

And where we each are now, the dominoes which fell before…

  • What I’m storyboarding currently (project-wise) is an amalgamation. There are pieces of this though, which need specific attention. It won’t come together until I get the details right. Everything is about the details. I see where I jumped the gun or bailed too quickly; or frankly, didn’t finish what I started. I’m in a cleaning up process. I feel like I can’t move forward significantly until I self-correct. It’s cathartic. What is there but time?

But there isn’t time. When we look at the illness and dis-ease in our loved ones we feel rushed and startled and fatalistic. It forces me to think ‘what am I waiting on?’ More importantly, why am I waiting on anything or anyone

A reader may see this as lonely and I see it as selfish. I know no one accomplishes anything on their own. My nature always wants to be left alone, thus it’s almost like I’ve been trying to figure out how to succeed without anyone knowing me! Ha… and what a dichotomy to be this way during THIS time. I will fiercely say how much I love being alive right now, this time in history, how really, really raw and exceptional and rich it is. There is a pulse no one before us has ever felt. I do hope it is written and described well.

  • I have a handful of writings beginning with “I remember…” I remember the smell of, I remember the time you, I remember when we, I remember the feeling… Objectively I see it as sounding like the high school jock-prom king who evolves into a balding pot belly of a man and only has his high school days to reminisce on. It seems pathetic. But subjectively I know all the stories, my stories, all their branches and the flowers they’ll bud for a reader. This is where so much I want to express lives. I’m letting them simmer

We end up being only the accumulation of our stories and our memories. Some of us tell them.

  • Current podcasts status, prefaced by saying: 1) they are free 2) you don’t have to subscribe in order to just download a particular episode (interview)  you are interested in 3) use the 15 second fast forward button during adverts. This button is your friend. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have all the adverts at the beginning… 🙂

I’ve known of Joe Rogan for years but never felt inclined to hear his upwards of 3 hours long discussions. Then…I went back and found a number of people I really wanted to hear chat it up. Why didn’t I go here sooner?! People really do give it away in their interest, intonations, pauses or propelling enthusiasm to elaborate on certain things. I jumped on the most recent Ben Shapiro, then Sam Harris, and then Yvette d’Entremont the food scientist SciBabe episodes. She’s way punk. There is so much more to catch up on in his line-up. I still highly reco Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro, their own podcast. My podcasts interest are in this order: politics, culture, food-science. So my other find is Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger. He is a plant-based doctor and has a great newsletter as well. He was also a person interviewed on the Netflix docu What the Health. I really want to talk about this more thoroughly later… its own worthy post, rough drafted, coming mid-week, not next Sunday.

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