The Particulars

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I’ve started and stopped this post a few times now. I wonder why a topic needs to be preplanned. What’s the subject, what will I write about?? I always review the ridiculously long drafts folder like any one will be the one, like ‘Done! That was easy!’ -but no, it’s not what I want to say now.

I think about meeting a friend for a coffee/tea-cocktail-meal and how in this circumstance, we don’t come into the setting with a bullet point plan of what will be discussed. There is no agenda. You just show up. What we really want to do is show up. It’s not about having a plan and needing to know every detail and step to take in order to make it happen. We always want to show up. We always want what we desire. Our brains make it hard on ourselves, our linear beliefs make it more difficult than it is.

We arrive and we greet, and the conversation runs its course. It goes from here to there, from one topic to another, meandering and covering variety, then inevitably back full circle. This is friendship. This is life. This is an example of our goals. We are so anxious to reach the point, the final result, the big dream, the success. We make it more difficult than it is. When all we have to do is show up. You were meeting a friend for a coffee and wanted to catch up. You were creating an item based on an idea and had to learn the ropes of marketing along the way, you were designing something and had to pause to learn about materials. Most experiences aren’t part of the plan. How we get to that end result is always about the experience though.

The path isn’t linear. It never is and never will be. We are habitual creatures and get into ruts. Just keep coming back to home base, the bottom line, what is the want.

I want to share more than I do, but I butt up against my introversion and privacy desires. I’ve been particularly loving a current climate of articles on quiting social media to save your career or have a better romantic life. I’m like, holy hell yes! Yet then I see how successful people have become using them too. And I acknowledge the wonderful people I’ve met through their blogs or twitter handles, and I’m reluctant to abandon ship entirely. Thus my behavior with being present in it ebbs and flows.

Like all things, there are two sides to the coin. There are extremely successful couples whom have harnessed the power of social media to propel their brand and lifestyle, and innumerous individuals whom have grown their entire profitable base via social media; whether for an Etsy store or food blog or fashion style or cultural niche. It’s all about being committed. Being consistent. Like any good business knows, it’s about consistency. Such as why the most popular restaurant in America is Houstons-Hillstone-R+D Kitchen-The Honor Bar…it’s a chain but a damn good one! A small menu, yet very focused and very consistent with output. I’ve been eating at all the post for 20+ years.

My biggest problem as a dessert business owner was consistency. Trying to cater to vegans and gluten free and sugar free and allergic to ‘oh just this particular thing’ meant I had 5 different chocolate chip cookie recipes. Fail.

My first six song EP is 6 entirely different songs. I was testing my interest and desires. I was trying to find my voice and style, sure; good excuse. Each song is wonderfully individual and entirely inconsistent other than the sound of my voice. Also, my music social media is sparse and inconsistent. I am forgotten in the abundant abyss of performers. I failed myself here by my lack of showing up and consistency. I am still writing, singing, creating. I know the next time around has one objective -be defined. I should only hope I can stay the course and market-hustle-perform-sing-share much better. Consistently.

We are all subject to this. Our jobs, our work, our passions, our objective…we have to keep showing up. Putting our best foot forward as the tired cliché goes. Do we have our off days? Yes. Should we bring our passion to our work? Yes. But do we have to only pick work which matches our passion? NO. Unrealistic. (5 min vid)

The particulars are just that, very particular. Be particular with time and attention. What I am attending to happens to have a consistent theme.

BrockaThe Particulars

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