The Outskirts

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Treviso hotel


interesting juxtaposition

in Asolo

village market in Asolo


Hey 😉

let’s assume a bachelorette party

1 of the 100s of mask shops in Venice

And finally in the sleeper cart, on the train to Austria, Vienna. Tired!

Every Europe trip should have some kind of departure from the big cities. Get a feel for more authentic local culture. I actually stayed in Treviso, a charming old town outside of Venice by 20 minutes or so. There was still an old castle wall with evidence of the  moat that once existed around it too. I took a walk around the neighborhood, shopped at the big grocery store to scour through various products (found carbonation tabs you can add to any beverage;hadn’t seen those before!) and got smoked-out of a gelato shop one afternoon by all the cigarette-wielding locals packed onto the screened in verandah. There was also a day trip to a town called Asolo outside of Venice, a picturesque medieval town, a ‘city of one hundred horizons’. 

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