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What a week of mounting muck in the world: more scandals & more deadly storms. I doubt the NSA relates to this quote:

“The more you know, the less you need.”
– Yvon Chouinard

I’m just little ole me, minding my business. And by that, I came across a really applicable blog. The Top 5 Productivity Mistakes. These aren’t cheesy, salesmen-esque points; they hone in precisely on psychological reasons behind our behavior. He’s also a funny writer.

In case you don’t give a F**k about anybodies business but your own, and really are working to cultivate that, Forbes put out an article on the Ten Golden Rules for Living the Good Life. Get on it. Really essential, like worrying only about what we can control.

I’ve never understood people who say they don’t dream and/or never remember their dreams. I’m the opposite; I try to analyze every single detail. I do often wake in the night after periods of dreaming and think ‘what the hell?!’ This is a wonderful diagram of the stages of sleep and how to control your dreams. Inception in Real Life? A fun experiment is to ponder a question or circumstance before sleeping and see if you get the answer or some resolution by morning. Often so, for myself.

This article I found as a bit of relief. I know that i harp on ‘doing what you love’ mottos in this blog, but a little perspective and removal of some of the honest-to-God pressure it brings doesn’t hurt. It’s terribly true that our culture is now set on everyone being capable of not having to settle with less than living their passion and dreams, but it’s okay to live a boring life too. Whew. Always room for balance.


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