The Internet, The Options

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The interwebs is a strange and interesting and kind of succubus of a place (from my perspective) but it is also expansive and phenomenal. It is really the infinite, the new solar system, the modern ‘what we can’t get our minds around’ literally. This is also how much it has to offer you. Reflect.

You can utilize it to watch most anything from anywhere in the world or you can waste lots of time clicking on sensationalism. You can take free courses from Harvard or MIT, listen to intelligent debate via TED talks or casually view what someone from some other place, who doesn’t now you or care about you! wore to an awards show.

How are you spending your time. This is a statement, not a question. It is very overwhelming, I understand that. We are living in no better time before us: options. Use it wisely.

Instead of a traditional blog post, I wanted to copy/paste an email I just sent (anonymous, temporarily)::

Firstly, I actually visited with my mother and my grandmother today, thank you for the reminder; I did sign-up for the podcast reco.
Secondly, the truth is I don’t even listen to podcast! How the heck I found your blog, no idea? It’s been awhile of my reading it, so how it fell into my opened tabbed space, no clue.
Truthfully the only podcast I consistently listened to was the over-hyped NPR disappointment of Serial -the bandwagon all jumped on, people who didn’t even know what a podcast was frankly!
Aside: the entire time I listened to it, from the gym cardio machine or painting (i don’t paint, but attempted acrylics), I believed it was fiction, made-up. Not till closer towards the ending did I realize it was an actual case. Towards the end, I got bored frankly, the actual investigative episodes seemed repetitive.
Then again, I can’t watch tv. People say this and utilize Hulu or Netflix or Amazon Prime. I genuinely don’t have the attention span most evenings at the end of the day. I’m a reader. It is tangible, it is focused, my brain gets settled into it.
I won’t follow up with the next season of Serial. I welcome your recommendations
I have also only listened to TED talks and James Altucher interviews, my only connection to podcast truly.
I like your writing though, you write as you speak. People and bloggers tend to get too bloviated on something; it reads obvious.
I’ve read your newsletter long enough to witness your evolution with things. Stay true to yourself, that’s all, and you have. I was lunching with a friend yesterday and brought up your subtle hint regarding not being a good fit with Buzzfeed in a prior post. It seems few writers I personally know can be. Buzzfeed has a brand (listicles), an objective, and they stick to it. Everything has to be clickable. Some people have more depth. You aren’t the only one. And the paradox of the internet is abundance and options and short attention spans, coupled with desires to know, learn, understand. Some days, like today, I feel overwhelmed. There is so much we can utilize, learn, achieve, but there is so little time. What is our focus, what is it I really want or am trying to achieve?
When I reflect on where you are and pulling people into podcast listening: it’s almost ‘just another medium’ (i internally laughed on your Medium article reference earlier; everybody has a story!) BUT the podcast isn’t just another tab to open, volume to increase, distraction, obligation, story, info to hear…it is actually the original format! When radio was first popular, decades and generations before the internet: it was all about the story. Duh, why was Orson Welles’ 1938 radio story so exceptional, historical?! This is also why I’m so attached to reading. It’s a throwback to actual wonder, visualization, creativity based off of insight and info, clues… engaging the mind
Essentially, stay your course. Podcast are almost more authentic than tv or film.(i don’t know of the abundance offered, a lot is trash presumably)
I don’t discredit the joy and relaxation achieved from going to the movies, being swept away with story or completely disengaged from life stressors. I don’t discredit the need to watch trash tv at the end of a work day and just not give a damn. But podcast may just be the perfect medium between complete tv-watching disengagement and those people who just hate to read. Like, the thought of reading a book seems brutal. I respect that, too.
Aside aside, like absolute P.S.
This may sound frou-frou, but planetarily speaking, your exhaustion is flowing with the tide. The naps are more worthy than embarrassing. Our bodies and psyches are loaded. Rest and reflect, no judgement
Back to my blog: thank you to the handful of readers I know are there, whom have spoken directly to me. I write because I need to. Having readers keeps me wanting to share more consistently.
BrockaThe Internet, The Options

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