The Great Distraction

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We know this as politicians avoid answering the question and hopping around the topic. We know this as news media focuses on trivial reasons for catastrophic events. 

We know this as we snipe at our partner when there is a bigger issue we’re upset about that we don’t want to discuss. We know this as we see ourselves doing all the little things on the to-do list to delay the big time-consuming pain in the ass task.

What we aren’t so aware of are all the distractions we allow to be introduced into our lives that keep us from focusing. I’m not talking about the triviality of email, twitter, or facebook checking..

When the option to go to Amsterdam first came up, all of the sudden it was in the air everywhere: blogs on things to do, new people from or currently living there introduced to me, trinkets made in Holland surfaced in my apartment, etc…like the universe was saying “Yes, Go!” But, this is both an example of coincidence AND how our thoughts create our reality. I still haven’t decided.

What is helping me decide is whether the trip, event, and person are a distraction. How heavily invested am I in the outcome? Will it be worth the money and the time? One of the excuses for going is the largest international documentary film festival. And very important to Amsterdam, I will have my own bike to commute with.

I am so fully focused, immersed, and driven with what I’m doing now (my music)…everything else is under the microscope.

(aside, bottom right black and white pics on modeling page are part of the recent hitch-hiker shoot)

BrockaThe Great Distraction

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