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There was that one time I put snail semen on my face for the sake of beauty. I didn’t deliberately seek out this experience, believe me. I had received some upscale product samples, and only after having put the product on my face, did I read all the ‘natural’ ingredients. Yep, that’s natural I’d say. I didn’t do it twice, so I can’t vouch for the product.

But hey, now people are beginning to get familiar with the idea of eating bugs for protein, so I don ‘t think the nastier things beauty pharmeceuticals source for product production is that odd. What made me think of confessing this absurdity? Snail Venom May Be Super-Morphine For Humans Discovery never ends.

This is a great site Made in the Future It serves to capture how the technological tools being created and used will effect how we design, manufacture, and distribute. Watch the 40 sec intro vid then check out the 5 themes via the site link.

A story you’re surely already familiar with is the option of going to Mars. Many applicants, few being chosen. Would You Take a One-Way Ticket to Mars?

The biggest news this week came out Monday by Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The origin of Earth’s beginnings, Evidence Spotted for Universe’s Early Growth Spurt

Exciting times! I’m curious to see how it all transpires over the years.

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