The Debut Discourse

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And a partial disclaimer… You may have been led here by the dessert’s site, but this is more the personal venue where i shall hope to incite “food for thought” along with providing my own insight. I will cover everything that i think has a real objective or purpose. I am a very transparent person, as you shall come to know; and I am very observant of my surroundings. These two bode well for reflection. Whether Im writing for my readers or writing for my mirror image, I am only trying to seek clarity of thought or the logic behind human behavior. That being said, I would rather have this poignancy than your agreement. Sometimes it is better to “agree to disagree”. I do like debate, and I also appreciate constructive criticism; this should only help to make me a better person.
As you get to know me, you might find that I live in a constant dichotomy. But wherever this place is for me, I suppose Im seeking balance. I listen to conservative talk radio often, but I also subscribe to NYer magazine. A wise person knows that we often ridicule what we dont understand or do not like about ourselves. It is nice to accept things sometimes, too. Roll with it…
I use alot of alliteration, because I really love it. Grammatical orgasms, I call them. And, I live by mottos (i.e “its all about perspective” or “thoughts become things, choose the good ones”)
I will try and bite my tongue when i dont want to offend, but I wont keep from speaking from the heart; that, I wont be ashamed of…
Now hoping this home wont become a place which comes back to haunt me.
Golden Key’d, God Bless it, B

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