The Catch Up

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On June, the month that was. It had a slow build up with a running pace ending.

I celebrated another birthday with a very relaxed staycation mini getaway. I just wanted to be out of my home environment to break up the monotony; enjoy room service; have a pool and gym within a few strides of my legs; have delicious dining within a few more strides. I caught up with people I’ve missed so much. The people in my life after so many years, 10 to 15 to 23…they’re meaning that much more.

I recently reconnected with an old girlfriend too. Regardless, I’ve been thinking a lot over the last six months about my female relationships and the women in my life.

The brief time I was in college, I became very familiar with Deborah Tannen, the professor of linguistics at Georgetown University. Her study on how woman communicate as well as how woman communicate with men is well acclaimed. This article is recent Why Women’s Friendships Are So Complicated I still have tears to sew.

I went to visit my father and stepmother over Father’s Day weekend. That’s always refreshing and extra soothing to the psyche; the familial hug too infrequent.

Considering where my health was this exact time last year, I am oh so grateful to be so well. When body wellness isn’t in top shape, all areas of our life can start caving in. It can be an awful downward spiral for people too, the longer out of sort issues fester. Seeing family members unwell has been the most heartbreaking and frustrating aspect of my month.

I did quite a bit of reading.

In more general observations, I thought about how everything is so over-exposed. Not just the t & a on instagram, but all the feelings. The feelings are trumping logic unfortunately; they’re overwhelming the platforms once held up by foundational ideas and deliberating debate. It also smacks of short-term satisfaction and opportunism. Always question motives.

I fear both behavioral modesty will be abnormal, and conservative values will become the minority in my lifetime.

Over the past month I came across a few articles writing on false identities trying to live fabulously large lives. These two pieces on one woman: How Anna Delvey Tricked New York City; ‘As an added bonus, she paid for everything.’ The people in her orbit wanted her to be real; that’s the additional fucked up thing. How so much of behavior we see is being condoned, thus further promulgated.

The most popular book out now covering the Silicon Valley, CEO version of a wannabe is Bad Blood, Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup on the founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes.

There are some big changes at work that sped up the latter half of my month. Will update again when it’s more worthy of reporting.

If you’re on social media, you may think the world is a raging inferno. If you aren’t on social media, maybe there are other big changes occurring in your life; or hopefully some up-shifts on the status quo of the routine. There is a boundless energy. And I have quite the to-do list for summer, most superficially, updating my website and all my profile images!

Till next time…

June Books is Live.


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