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I have been called out.

I am not good at reading directions; I never have been.

I rush -I scan – I assume.

I do not pace.

I do not slow and study. I am not slow and steady.

This, I am not.


I didn’t accomplish the task correctly. I’ve rarely been known to do so perfectly. I am humbled that it has been enough

-to suffice -to survive -to have gotten this far.

I’ve done it my way

I feel ahead of this -above it -beyond it

I am not.

Why am I spending time? -the worst fault of mine.


-To return -to recover -to cover up

More costly, more exhausting


Be slow, be calm

Understand it. Apply it, efficiently.

So it is, correctly with more time to spare. Paradox.

A longing, a desire, an anxiousness for knowing or assuming I do.

I will stop -I will wait -I will deliberate

I am spared. Catastrophe is spared.

Correctly, there is more time to spare.


Directions direct directly.

All propelled from excitement.


I am sorry I fucked this up.

I am not sorry I used the word fuck.




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