Food Bites

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I want to let you in on something you may have not considered: you crave what you eat, you don’t eat what you crave. Think about this. Humans are creatures of habit and our metabolism has been set up this way. This is why different cultures subsist on different diets. Each digestion acclimated to what was available. Now, we have everything available from everywhere in the world. The science still applies. Thus, what you are in the habit of consuming, what your body metabolizes, is what it begins to ask for essentially; this is why food addictions are so easy to fall into. This concept is also to the benefit of fast food franchises and processed food manufacturers. Sugar is … Read More

BrockaFood Bites

Forever Is A Long Time

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No we aren’t discussing marriage. (all of my readers would wonder what the hell happened to Brocka?!) We are talking immortality. This isn’t so far off. (pun) Would you really want to live forever? I don’t believe 75% of people would. A poll hasn’t been taken, but that’s my assumption. A Google Health company called Calico just launched this week, and it does believe it can prevent aging. Here’s the 411. WTF is Calico? ‘In an interview with TIME Magazine, Google CEO Larry Page implied that dramatically extending human life is one of Calico’s main goals; not making people immortal per se, but, according to a source familiar with the project, increasing the lifespan of people born 20 years ago by as much … Read More

BrockaForever Is A Long Time

Even Edible?

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It has been a disturbing couple of weeks with all the stories out on our foodstuffs: horse meat instead of cow, the incorrect labeling of fish and sushi we consume (putting aside all the bottom feeding truths and crazy levels of mercury), brominated oils in sports drinks, etc…We’ve only just now gotten used to steering clear of partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup! What’s left?! Here’s the easy answer: anything that isn’t in a box or out of a can or through a fast food window, you should do ok. We’ll some good news is, a high school girl took it upon herself to petition Gatorade to clean up their product, and it worked! Thank you social media.. … Read More

BrockaEven Edible?