A Gallery Stroll

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My weekends over the last few months have been consumed by art, art receptions, lectures, and audiobooks in the later evening. It all feels very personal and private and introspective. There’s an understanding with myself that I’m simultaneously weeding through inspiration and biding my time. The last year of my life has been a certain kind of breeze, held up almost entirely by gratitude. There is something very free about me: I’m not married; I have no children; I have no pets; I have no debt; I have a perfect credit score and fabulous health. I barely have any family anymore. My life is all my own; my own choices. I’m often asked why I’m not married. A new chapter … Read More

BrockaA Gallery Stroll

Tapped In

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I went to a lecture this week on luck. Highlighted were the 4 behaviors lucky people exhibit: 1. Lucky people take advantage of their chance opportunities. 2. Lucky people listen to their instincts and intuition. 3. Lucky people expect good luck. 4. Lucky people change bad luck into good luck. I would say luck is interchangeable with having a positive perspective; and the expectations or benefits of luck are derived from visualization. My best decisions have usually been from a place of instinct and gut reactions. I do generally expect that things will work out, and well, they have and do. This is exciting Proof that the Pineal Gland is Literally a 3rd Eye This makes sense An Atlas of the … Read More

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