Never Say Never

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Preface: my first choice of title was ‘We Never Know Anyone’ I thought Nicki Minaj as a hip-hop, free form, fast-paced rapper. I saw/see her as overly made-up to the point of clownish, being colorful enough to stand out against the extremely point-driven Lady Gaga; or maybe the black girl version of Katy Perry. The truth is, I don’t listen to the radio or watch pop-culture news, or read ANY magazine. I have no fucking clue! I have perception. I have personal taste that streamlines me into specific decisions on any given day. I most randomly came across a very piano-string focused ballad of a Nicki Minaj song recently, and frankly, it rocks my world. This one observation has me … Read More

BrockaNever Say Never

The Dark Side

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Celebrity Illustrations How might people work differently with dark tunnels in their offices? Especially one leading to the HR department…   SXSW is going on currently in Austin, Texas. I’m very glad this is being addressed. Suicide is always tragic. I’ve always believed it is the most selfish thing a human is capable of. After reading this week’s New Yorker piece compiled of excerpts from his blog post and emails with friends, my opinion still stands. We never know another person’s pain.

BrockaThe Dark Side