Thoughts On Others’ Thoughts

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I know I’ve mentioned this before: I am not a big fan of short stories. Never have been. I don’t spend any time on Medium and I have no desire to. This personal proclivity baffles me, because it seems like I would love them the most, as a supposedly anxious impatient person. Tell me, get to the point! Maybe this belief about myself isn’t 100% true. And it also baffles me because I’ve never been able to really articulate why. Only recently have I come to understand that it is more of a time suck to get invested in something which has no longterm benefit; maybe it’s the matured investing entrepreneur in me or just a vulnerable child who doesn’t … Read More

BrockaThoughts On Others’ Thoughts

The Dark Side

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Celebrity Illustrations How might people work differently with dark tunnels in their offices? Especially one leading to the HR department…   SXSW is going on currently in Austin, Texas. I’m very glad this is being addressed. Suicide is always tragic. I’ve always believed it is the most selfish thing a human is capable of. After reading this week’s New Yorker piece compiled of excerpts from his blog post and emails with friends, my opinion still stands. We never know another person’s pain.

BrockaThe Dark Side