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  Reflection for Thowback Thursday The banana bread recipe post instigated a reflection on my previous (auto-correct spelling called it ‘precious’; I refrain from over-analyzing) gluten free, vegan dessert business of 6 years. I did a handful of savory things, but that was just for a handful of my clients. I had the business a year before my first website, entirely through a physical newsletter. By the time of its demise, I’d actualized two websites and worked with vegan and vegetarian caterers in Dallas providing their desserts, whole-selling to a couple stores, and doing how-to demo classes at Whole Foods and Sur la Table in Dallas and a few classes in NYC. I took it fairly far; so many don’t … Read More


Fashion Trashin

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It is fantastic that some girls-women have enough money to buy anything they desire and play dress up – ‘pretend model’, for posting on their social media sites, and thus encouraging other girls to go purchase the same brand name labels, for the subconscious sake of acceptance/conformity. Proven by the link Even if not on social media, every woman has once stood in front of a closet full of clothes exasperated, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ WOW, what a string of thought, but this really is the sequence of events and psychology behind it. Commercialism and group-think, these are the bare-bone terms. (pun) I fall back on this Zen thought often: Would you want it if you didn’t know … Read More

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Double Up

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One of my favorite excuses for not making my gluten free-vegan dessert business a better success (than I perceived it to have turned out), was the lack of a partner. I hated doing everything alone, let alone mustering up the daily ambition for it. The business side, the baking side, the picture taking-blogging side…I more than often wished i had a partner. We are in the pop culture age of labeling any prominent well known duo a power-couple. Out of all the cultural nomenclatures, this one bothers me the least. I actually hope that I become part of one, whether as a business pair or a 2 married entrepreneur’s household. Two minds are always better than one, i.e. Sherlock Holmes … Read More

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Shifted Paradigm

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How we learn isn’t the same. We are evolving out of classrooms. How we market isn’t the same. Social media has replaced cold-calling. How we build our brands or our clients is really about doing what is most authentic to ourselves and letting the tribe, followers, and like-minded ones find us. (this is a new process we are having to re-learn and trust) This is the power and the problem of 7 billion people connected via the internet. Whatever you are doing or sharing, someone will like it or want in on it too. The flip side means more exposure, more vulnerability. This stops people before they start. This fills me with so much despair. Everything this man writes or … Read More

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Know Thy History

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So humbled and appreciative to be on the other side of an horrific week, literally living hell: murderous Gosnell abortionist on trial, Islamic extremist Boston bombers, ricin mailed to Obama plus one, and the West, Texas explosion. Counting blessings and hugging the ones we love. You know it’s a busy week in news when the egotistical brat known as Justin Bieber comments on the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam patronage directory ‘she would’ve been a Belieber’ like his other tween followers. He needs to get the shit beat out of him in a bar fight. He’ll get there, no doubt. I don’t think he’s old enough to drink yet. As we know, everything ‘goes down in history’. Let us not … Read More

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