Forever Is A Long Time

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No we aren’t discussing marriage. (all of my readers would wonder what the hell happened to Brocka?!) We are talking immortality. This isn’t so far off. (pun) Would you really want to live forever? I don’t believe 75% of people would. A poll hasn’t been taken, but that’s my assumption. A Google Health company called Calico just launched this week, and it does believe it can prevent aging. Here’s the 411. WTF is Calico? ‘In an interview with TIME Magazine, Google CEO Larry Page implied that dramatically extending human life is one of Calico’s main goals; not making people immortal per se, but, according to a source familiar with the project, increasing the lifespan of people born 20 years ago by as much … Read More

BrockaForever Is A Long Time

From Distraction to Design

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We are all here with infinite purposes. Are we using it to serve us or deplete us? What is the internet doing to your brain? This is short and sensical. But practically speaking, a lot of us on the internet are using it to market ourselves and run our businesses; we are a whole lot of varied entrepreneurs. The most important thing IS our health, and self-employeed people really need to know our options regarding health insurance. Even large companies are opting out of covering their employees under the new healthcare system, politics aside. This post is the most thorough lay-down for you. Every single day people inspire me. These people are the exact opposite of the ones making excuses. We … Read More

BrockaFrom Distraction to Design