The Internet, The Options

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The interwebs is a strange and interesting and kind of succubus of a place (from my perspective) but it is also expansive and phenomenal. It is really the infinite, the new solar system, the modern ‘what we can’t get our minds around’ literally. This is also how much it has to offer you. Reflect. You can utilize it to watch most anything from anywhere in the world or you can waste lots of time clicking on sensationalism. You can take free courses from Harvard or MIT, listen to intelligent debate via TED talks or casually view what someone from some other place, who doesn’t now you or care about you! wore to an awards show. How are you spending your … Read More

BrockaThe Internet, The Options

On Education

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There are immeasurable problems with our current education system, and one of the biggest is due to measuring. The curriculum is cookie-cutter, one-stop-shop, fit the square in the box, and then tested on a human scale. We are not robots, but we learn this way. The basics are entirely about repetition and memorization. (and should be initially) There is no wonder then why kids are bored to tears and acting out; one of the reasons for the ADHD and ADD problems. The standardized testing system is really a slippery slope to being ignorant by the time one reaches university. I had no clue about politics. I had no interest in math. Now, basic political punditry excites me to no end … Read More

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