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Seeing as though consistency with this blog is not my fort├ę, I’m fairly certain it will cease as soon as I transition this whole site into my music website. Surely, within the next year, the blog will segue into tour dates and stories you can access by signing up for my newsletter. There will be a blog, but not under this format or covering any of the topics this space has been known for, i.e. book reviews, architecture, design. Here are some behind the scenes pics from the music video to the song Hard Love.   yes the dress is see-through ­čÖé   The photographer Houston Brown can be accessed by clicking on his name below the pics on my … Read More

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What If…

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Nothing would happen if we let this thought override us. ‘If’ has to do with our expectations and how there is never a guarantee of outcome. What if you build something and and no one shows up? All these stairs still function the same, though they are┬áconstructed impractically. What if we build this differently… ‘What if’ we discredited people such as this. Politicians do this with their constituents; obviously teachers are doing this. We are all guilty of assuming in this way, though maybe not in this exact context. ‘What if’ is like could-woulda-shoulda. It will always hold us back.

BrockaWhat If…

Even Edible?

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It has been a disturbing couple of weeks with all the stories out on our foodstuffs: horse meat instead of cow, the incorrect labeling of fish and sushi we consume (putting aside all the bottom feeding truths and crazy levels of mercury), brominated oils in sports drinks, etc…We’ve only just now gotten used to steering clear of partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup! What’s left?! Here’s the easy answer: anything that isn’t in a box or out of a can or through a fast food window, you should do ok. We’ll some good news is, a high school girl took it upon herself to petition Gatorade to clean up their product, and it worked! Thank you social media.. … Read More

BrockaEven Edible?

Simple and Seductive

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The most simple of designs can be more than functional and practical, but also multi-tasking and brilliant. I love the idea of this aluminum sided desk which also serves as a book shelf or small storage unit. You can see how it is constructed here I love the concept of using science equipment for art and design. It changes the usual harsh aesthetics. I found an awesome flower vase made from science beakers at an estate sale recently and now I’ve come across these stunning test tube chandeliers. Wow! Who says you need to visit France to see chateaus?┬áThese monstrosities are in the U.S.A. and they are all for sell! I love the beauty, the fantasy, and the day dreaming … Read More

BrockaSimple and Seductive