To Sleep, Perchance To Dream?

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Embarrassingly whacked-out dreams last night. From holding someone hostage to sex with dire repercussions, to runway walking in platform shoes for a lesbian dictator…that was in the first few hours. I woke with loads of energy regardless. Who knows. I stopped trying to analyze them years ago; now they’re just short stories in my journals. The surprising truth about sleep is how little we know about it’s purpose, but how absolutely crucial it is. I sleep a lot. When i don’t, i look 10 yrs older, and i pretty much hate everything and everybody. Gosh, i wish that were a hyperbolic statement. I do believe my best functioning relationships are the one’s which have let me escape for a 25 … Read More

BrockaTo Sleep, Perchance To Dream?

Creative Genius?

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Once upon a time i knew this student at SMU who took Calculus 4, just to see if he could do it. He was a genius. He was also slovenly and unkempt. And the one time i peered past his front door into his apartment, it was a trash-hoarding pigsty; literally black garbage bags and stacks of papers and boxes. It’s a fair generalization to make, that there’s a bit of madman or mental illness tied to genius, and even creativity. The Real Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness. I guess i should just call my dispositions mood swings then, since ‘mental illness is neither necessary nor sufficient for creativity.’  Truth be told, one of the main reasons I know i’m doing exactly what i … Read More

BrockaCreative Genius?

Success and Happiness?

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  From This is a Book What is the most important thing? Probably will surprise you! To achieve success and happiness, we often have to do a lot of what we don’t want to (the drudge work, the minial jobs, the ass-kissing ladder climbing) in order to reach the end result. Work. Work ethic. Every person’s level of success is different; that’s what’s so great about the power of personal satisfaction. Sometimes we need to exorcise demons before we can move forward. A lot of people use the big Burning Man event as their spiritual mecca. Here are the projects which have been approved for this year’s event.

BrockaSuccess and Happiness?