Time Is on Your Side

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We made it. Passed the holidays, all our pieces are still in tact. The new year, the perception of a fresh start, as it actually just slides into another… Time is speeding up. Have you noticed? No, it really is. But here’s the best part, the time between what you want and when you will get it is also shorter now, so there’s that. You must act on it, no waiting around. And I have been spending time and waiting. Since Sunday, I believe my body has been physically glued to my bed with illness: no reading, no Netflix, no nothin! There have been moments of mental conception and new creation inside of this fatigue, and my own path has … Read More

BrockaTime Is on Your Side

Creative Genius?

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Once upon a time i knew this student at SMU who took Calculus 4, just to see if he could do it. He was a genius. He was also slovenly and unkempt. And the one time i peered past his front door into his apartment, it was a trash-hoarding pigsty; literally black garbage bags and stacks of papers and boxes. It’s a fair generalization to make, that there’s a bit of madman or mental illness tied to genius, and even creativity. The Real Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness. I guess i should just call my dispositions mood swings then, since ‘mental illness is neither necessary nor sufficient for creativity.’  Truth be told, one of the main reasons I know i’m doing exactly what i … Read More

BrockaCreative Genius?