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 Spring has arrived and summer is soon to follow. Those that wear jewelry lighten their look with silver, but I have always been a gold wearer. These Sperry Topsliders are going to be one of my main walking shoes in Europe too. Taking a picture of a these few summer accessories elicited memories of my great grandmother. Mainly because there’s some superstition a Jewish friend once told me about regarding placing shoes on a table. Anyone?

My great grandmother on my mother’s side, was a very superstitious person. She had some Cherokee Indian in her, so I’ll chalk it up to that. I must have gotten some of my meticulous clean-freak characteristics from her, too. When she died at 89, she had barely a wrinkle on her face or hands. She always looked shiny from the heavy creams she wore. Her hands were always covered in gloves when she drove. When on the precipice of illness, she made a raw onion and garlic sandwich on mayonaisey white bread. If it didn’t kill an infection, it would wipe out anyone nearby; I swear by it to this day. (maybe not on white bread though) But rarely did she even need this, because her hygiene and germaphobia was in alignment with everything else about her personality. If any of the grandkids used a toiletry item of hers (hairbrush, chap stick, lotion, etc..) she would just give it to you. So of course, every time we visited, we all looked forward to the loot we’d leave with. When we kissed her ‘bye’, it was nowhere near her mouth; only up her cheek towards her ear. 

As far as her Indian ancestry went, she always paid close attention to her dreams; she believed a lot were prophetic. She knew all the animal symbolism and ‘slept on things’ more seriously before providing advice or making big decisions. Before she died, she described to me whom she believed I would marry and what she thought he would look like…

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