Stranger. I want to say

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In a rare moment of Twitter scrolling, I came across a many promoted or adverted tweets. It was a female musician’s picture of her erect profile standing on a couch, walking upon it. It immediately reminded me of my own Ep cover image. We are both on a couch evoking an Egyptian vibe. I resonated. Saved you for later.


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I’ve searched again for her image and can’t find it :/ Sadly, I do not listen to a lot of music anymore. I listen to podcasts and books. I have few moments of music listening and fewer moments of music writing right now. When I do, I am giving a significant damn though! Know this. I will be back in the studio.

Yesterday morning proved to be the right time to seek out a new song, sound, background noise. I was needing the gust of energy music always brings, the exaltation. Music switches all our gears. I had no idea what I was I was getting into, but the rut of podcasts and audible *books was paramount. The first song turned out to be perfect, just what I needed to hear, what I have precisely felt, feeling, and what I was motivated to inevitably share; I knew it would resonate with relevant parties…

Yesterday. After I mood-shifted, after I got through my daily to-do list, I went to pick you up. There’s always the slamming into a wall effect. Anxious to see the other, we rush through the preliminaries, updates, a sense of moods and ‘Here I am right now’ vibes. Go. Friends: sound off, bounce off, release, relieve, engage, digest, refill, inspire, propel. Variations of this on repeat.

I let all of this come and go. We got into the car to go on a drive, cathartic in its own right. I waited and finally said, ‘I heard this song today and I want you to hear it too.’ Barely through the beginning we gripped hands at the center console, my right from the driver’s side with your left from the passenger’s. It was so tight and intense. We knew and know. I apologized for gripping so hard.

Having this confirmation from you, I went on to share it with others…

We cried together. Things need to breathe.

Absolution and understanding. Together and for each other.

I thought of all those I’ve let down. I thought of relationships I want to redeem. I thought about what I really need to say in my own writing, music, poems, etc….

I’m learning to love. I’m learning to let myself be loved.

*If you’re a reader on any level, please give my Books page a gander. I am finally giving it the adulation it is due, as it does represent a significant amount of my time and my personality. I will always be honest and frank about how I spend my months engaged in reads and/or what you may want to give a damn about. Like people in our lives, superficial or in depth.

I am so grateful.


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BrockaStranger. I want to say

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