Strange Encounters

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Let me preface this account by illustrating how sweet and joyous my mother is. She is the epitome of a ‘never met a stranger’ type. Here’s an example:

She just shared with me a curious encounter she had with a young black boy in a Walgreen’s drugstore. As she was shopping around, she noticed this young wiry kid (under 15yrs old) loitering between the aisles killing time waiting on whomever he was with that happened to be at the pharmacy. Fairly quickly, he approached her and struck up immediate conversation ‘What are you shopping for? can i help you find anything..?’ Soon the conversation turned to his age and school and difficulties in getting into the high school he wanted to attend. (coincidentally where my mother graduated from) So, this similarity added to comfort and continued fluidity of the exchange. She said they weren’t shopping anymore, just standing there conversing for a good 15 minutes when he asked her if he could have a hug?! Now, i don’t know about you, but when a stranger ask to hug me….ABORT  ABORT. You know.  My mother on the other hand, does not find this odd. You see, this is normal to her. These types of encounters happen fairly often in her life. She will know years of someone’s life in minutes. People feel compelled towards her. In conclusion, the whole exchange was sincere. She didn’t bat an eyelash as I went off in a tirade about the oddity of this situation. 

I was flabbergasted. What?! He could’ve been a pick-pocket or perverted or any number of weird alternatives; my suspicious meter sky-rocketed. I was literally grilling my mother on every little detail about this scenario, while freaking out. She was absolutely cool and calm, and not the least bit curious or suspect. This occurrence is too natural to her; she has always attracted this type of energy exchange from people. Admittedly, she has learned through difficult times how naive she can be though; and miraculously, has not been harmed. 

Most of us live our daily live’s going in and out of scenarios and situations barely noticing. We don’t linger; we make little eye contact. Get in. Get it. Get it done. There are very few things we are deliberate about when it comes to fully engaging. With complete strangers, why would we? We are more than bodies having a human experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. All matter carries energy and every exchange we have is an energy exchange. Think about how your mood effects everybody around you…

I needed my mother’s sweet heart to remind me of this. Bless her.

Also, I must reflect on this too: the more loving we are, the more open we are. The more fearful we are, the more shut-off we become.

BrockaStrange Encounters

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