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Like the previous post hinted at, one extreme or the other: But, I genuinely feel that there are universal truths. The word cliché wouldn’t exist if we aren’t aloud to make broad strokes or generalizations about life. The word generalization wouldn’t exist or portend our survival if we can’t categorize things happening in our life. The problem is, when we proclaim something or someone definitive, we become personally labelled or pigeon-holed with extremes: racist, homophobe, left wing or right wing, anti-this and that (guns, military, female rights, etc…) One comment or title or protesting sign (generated by emotion more than intellect -let’s be honest) or our daily employment (for survive not passiom): none of this defines us solely. Sure it gives insight into personality. But dammit we are all complex creatures. It is in no way the TITLE, the end all be all. The truth is, I may hate you over these little things (that we perceive as being big deals), but as soon as I sit down with you over a coffee, cocktail, or a meal…I still might decide I don’t want to be your friend, but I better understand your perspective. We are different. We are 7 billion++.

it is very hard to push against extremes. You will only waste time trying to change minds via social media, as the entire purpose of it is promotional: Instagram and twitter, especially, is ego. I define Tumblr as blogging without the content of literature. I describe Flickr as a by-product of Yahoo – Yahoo’s desire to stay relevant in a world of  instagram photos. As I hinted in a tweet, Google+ is losing all momentum, as the options are varied and it isn’t distinguishable in any way, where Linkedin is very professionally focused. I spent time on Vine initially, but I perceive it as slap-stick and mediocre. I remember them when they were just on Vine. Now, this possible future is devastating to some of us. People are making fortunes and personal brands out of it, no doubt. So that’s it, each outlet has it’s own identity, each person has their own personality. Personalities are complex.

There are generalities to be made, yes. But if you walk into a room, restaurant, clothing store, grocery store, anywhere -and do so: you are being ignorant. This is absolutely where we set ourselves up for disappointment.

If you have followed any of my social media for any amount of time, you are aware that I read books and write music. The out of character behavior is giving a damn about fashion, of reading books about fashion, of caring a bit about one of the biggest fashion bloggers favorite-ing one of my tweets today. I do admire her greatly. A local Dallasite, Jane Aldridge.

See what I did there?! With all of those links, I highlighted different parts of my personality. It takes investigation.

My favorite thing to do is people watch, study. Give someone time. I am most guilty of extreme behavior, but I also know people need time and study.

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I got this coffee table book today at The Taschen Library inside of the super sophisticated, classy Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas. I’ve wanted it for awhile. I don’t spend on clothes or style extravagantly but this is genuinely another part of my personality. That being said, I finally met the exquisite Diamond Mahone at the Ten Over Six, someone I’ve only known through social media. Diamond Janae

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