Social Media verses Self-Evolution

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November ’15 Review

I read this picture with quite a lot of relief, truthfully. Where most people place blame outwardly, I often need reminding it is not necessary nor constructive to internalize everything or beat down myself so much. And the ~so much~ is the root of the problem:



Today’s World

The link goes to the Lefsetz Letter, a blog by an experienced exec in the music biz., touting ‘first in music analysis’. This one highlights great observations: Scarcity is History or More Information, Greater Ignorance.  He was recommended by Seth Godin, an internet entrepreneur-genius I admire. Bob Lefsetz writes in a one-stream-of-thought style and yes, mainly about the music business, but the post are metaphors to all life, very intuitive…

Where my exasperation and overwhelmed mind has been over the month of November are on these following thoughts: (exacerbated by both of my parents needing medical attention, my own health issue not fully resolved, and my assumption I had a stalker for a solid 15 days) I’m so glad November is over.

  • Instagram is the drive-by life, the techy way to flip through pictures in a magazine. Magazines are transient and meant to sell ads. I’ve lately been thinking about how I pose or stage my own life. We don’t live our life through one filter. I wonder if your head space is as clean as your interior design. I wonder if the food pics you post hurt your stomach.
  • All social media is selfish expediency, satisfying our own self-importance, whether the mundane or the business article. And the what is relevant to me or happening NOW? Twitter is trying to not die on the vine, or it wouldn’t have installed ‘Moments’; they’re in direct competition with Facebook giving you the ability of organizing what, from whom or where, you read first.
  • The only people reading your twitter feed are the ones who already agree with what you are tweeting. You aren’t changing anyone’s mind! Rants are ridiculous. People can shut you down, block you, report you…all the more easily. It can be the least constructive space of all social media forms OR, if it’s just tribe, interest, and motivations:
  • The politics on Facebook seem more absurd, because it stands out as a sore thumb against the majority genuinely there for the goodness of family member stats, cat videos, feel-good click bait, etc… The self-righteousness of one’s politics are highly amplified, and I am personally guilty here. FACT: if you are on fb while at work, you are literally stealing from your employer. Think about it. You aren’t being paid to be on fb at the office.
  • Numbers and likes are supposed influence. ‘Numbers’ is potential cash money in the bank, because advertisers will want to hang out with you too, our own self-promotion becoming a pawn for their promotion. I’m no hater about it, just making an observation. I am resentful when it comes to my music page. I have little to no relevance because my ‘likes’ are low. I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and roll with it.
  • I still can’t wrap my brain around giving a damn about someone who doesn’t even know you exist? (celebrity worship, miming their dress or behavior) Entire articles are written on what someone else wore or ate. So  pathetic.

Mindfulness is the Opposite of Neediness

That speaks for itself.

So there. My desire to disengage felt in direct proportion to how amplified every media source IS. My psyche felt debilitated; like I went to the fountain for a sip and the fucking fire hydrant blew a gasket. And my recent podcasts listening obsession is in direct proportion to shutting everything else down: no tv (not that there was), no netflix (cancelled), no scrolling trivial social media feeds, unsubscribing to numerous blogs, unfollowing trivial uninformative instagrammers or tweeters. Still, the online world is a necessary evil for business, brands, journalist, news feeds… and I had to administer my own kind of filter.

I am always watching, always listening, and I am always reading. But there is only so much -worth any kind of damn- worthy of digesting.

Now that I’ve pressed the reset button, I have the entire month of December to get ready and re-charged for the New Year. Wishing us all the necessary calm and clarity.

BrockaSocial Media verses Self-Evolution

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