Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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I love sleep. It is my favorite pastime, the favorite part of my day and best part of my diet, the secret to recovery and longevity. Ask any model what she does before a shoot or a runway show, every single one will say drink lots of water and sleep, even before working out.

As much as I love it, I don’t do it well, such as why I am also a big proponent of power naps. Back in 1995 NASA did a study on the perfect nap time duration. They could’ve called to ask me; i’ve known since I was 8, it’s about 25 minutes. I’m so sensitive to external stimuli, all conditions have to be pretty perfect for a well-rested night. My pre-bed routine is very streamlined.

Meet the man NASA paid to stay in bed for 70 days

I have been in 2 relationships where we had separate beds, very I Love Lucy. When I read about married couples having separate bedrooms, or at least the option of separate sleeping quarters, it makes perfect sense to me! Been there too. I always adapt under short-term situations sure, but I won’t sacrifice my health or my rest longterm. I don’t snore and I barely move, and I’d prefer my bedtime partner not to either. Paradoxically, I rest really well on a flight. Even in a short 45 minutes from Dallas to Houston or 8 hours to Europe, I will have closed eyes the entire time. I physically can not stay awake on flights, the vibrational hum of the plane, maybe; the stifling recirculated air is also a brain drain, too.

The easiest part  for me is falling asleep. At some point I wake up in the middle of the night and my brain circuits start downloading the most obscure information:

-random names I haven’t heard, who are these people? what is their story?  -word games playing on words -poetic phrases -business ideas to write down -scenarios to explore -conversations to be had -spiritual awareness -science or physics themes

The headiest moments clarify the cohabitation of science and religion, often the only insight which can jolt me out of bed to write down. I was raised to believe in my personal psychic abilities but that’s not what this post is about.

I’ve essentially stopped drinking alcohol because though it helps one fall asleep faster, it almost certainly guarantees insomnia.

So the recent cleaner diet and low-to-no alcohol has me remembering every dream. The last 5 days have been so taxing, like I’m living out other lives on the other side of my wakeful one. I do really enjoy, and have always loved digesting each for its telling insights though.

This morning I was bolted awake by sheriffs ringing my doorbell incessantly. There is an entrance to broach before coming into a communal space. One of my neighbors was being served a warrant. Yikes. I would like to presume nothing more serious than A LOT of outstanding tickets.

In a previous post, I hinted at putting poems (to be eventual songs) on my music site. Finally broke down and did so with the first title Insomnia. Subject to change before any production (as they all are)

Sleep, silence pitched into black. -Brocka



BrockaSleep, Perchance to Dream

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