Simple and Seductive

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The most simple of designs can be more than functional and practical, but also multi-tasking and brilliant. I love the idea of this aluminum sided desk which also serves as a book shelf or small storage unit. You can see how it is constructed here


I love the concept of using science equipment for art and design. It changes the usual harsh aesthetics. I found an awesome flower vase made from science beakers at an estate sale recently and now I’ve come across these stunning test tube chandeliers. Wow!


Who says you need to visit France to see chateaus? These monstrosities are in the U.S.A. and they are all for sell! I love the beauty, the fantasy, and the day dreaming aspect. Even if these aren’t your type of dwelling, it’s easy to appreciate taking something you admire and making it your own. I wonder if the backyards have little vineyards? 🙂


BrockaSimple and Seductive

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