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How we learn isn’t the same. We are evolving out of classrooms. How we market isn’t the same. Social media has replaced cold-calling. How we build our brands or our clients is really about doing what is most authentic to ourselves and letting the tribe, followers, and like-minded ones find us. (this is a new process we are having to re-learn and trust) This is the power and the problem of 7 billion people connected via the internet. Whatever you are doing or sharing, someone will like it or want in on it too. The flip side means more exposure, more vulnerability. This stops people before they start. This fills me with so much despair.

Everything this man writes or speaks on is motivating and eye-opening. If you have or want a business, or are building a brand or creating something…

2013/05 Seth Godin | Backwards from CreativeMornings on Vimeo.

This is graduation month, and i have no doubts none of my readers are high school or college grads, but this lecture is universal and awesome. I promise, he may seem long-winded here and there, but as soon as you start to think this, he says something poignant and perfect. Keeping these points in mind regardless of age or phase of career never hurts.

I have so much more, but these are enough to process. 😉

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