Sensory Overload

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I rarely go to the movies, and every time I do, I wonder why I don’t go more often. I enjoy getting wrapped up and all-consumed by something, while simultaneously resting my exhausting personal thoughts. I have heard nothing about the movie Killer Joe; it seems to have no marketing. Both Angelika theaters (art house) in Dallas are playing it. It has some A and B list actors, main one being Mathew Mcconaughey, 2nd being Thomas Hayden Church. They are both so perfect here. Roles of their career…that no one will see. It is sick, twisted, intense, disgusting, brilliantly shot, perfectly cast and hard to digest.

The setting: trailer park white trash outskirts of ‘Dallas’ (I didn’t recognize anything) The premise: the younger brother of T.H. Church character owes money to some bookies and hires M.M (Killer Joe) a detective who moonlights as a hired assassin to kill the mother of the family for her life insurance policy. The retainer for the job, until the insurance check clears, is the mentally slow younger virginal sister of the 2 brothers. It has some of the gore and perversion of a Quentin Tarantino film. Some of the camera shots are like old western and film noir. This movie is sick and awesome at the same time. Biggest complaint is the initial over-acting of Gina Gershon, but she’s perfect by the end. The end: Twisted!

Just did a google search before posting to see how it is defined: Southern Gothic dark comedy. Yep!

Stay tuned…political lectures, think tank discussions, and worldly debate meets comedy will be written on soon.

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